Pooping Bricks (Short story)

“Rafik and Cookie Tehran” that’s what the name plate outside Rafik’s condo now said.

The emotional accident of adopting a dog that Rafik had fallen instantly in love with had occurred a few weeks ago.

Learning the ropes of raising a dog for a man like Rafik had it’s challenges to say the least.

But love shall conquer all had been the theme so far, and baring a few mishaps which are stories for another time, Cookie had settled in nice and easy.

Sometimes Rafik wondered why people made such a big deal about it, Cookie was easy.

Rafik slept on his stomach, Cookie made his bum her pillow

Rafik ate the tandoori chicken and lamb chops, Cookie ate the bones

Rafik wrote his book, Cookie chewed on the cast away paper with vengeance, as angry at the bad idea as Rafik had been

Rafik went for a run Cookie galloped ahead of him.

Annoying children were shooed away with a gnarl, and for cute chicks she was a magnet, nowadays Rafik never came back home from the supermarket with less than three numbers, score!

Man & Dog complimented each other all the way, halleluiah.

All was well with the world, until..

Now come on, there had to be a ‘until’, what would I be writing about otherwise?

Rafik woke up in the middle of the night twisted around to check, no Cookie, the whining grew louder but Cookie was nowhere in sight, Rafik got out clumsily from his bed rubbing his eyes with one hand and scratching his stomach with the other.

Bathroom, kitchen, living area, He called out her name, the whining just got louder, still no sight of her.

Rafik started panicking

“Focus, where is the sound coming from?” Rafik said to himself taking deep breaths as though in labor.

He followed the sound and came back to the bedroom, “What the hell I checked, No Cookie!” suddenly he went on all fours and looked under the bed, there she was curled up, whining in what appeared to be both discomfort and pain.

“What happened girl? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Rafik examined every inch of her, behind the ears under the tail, inside her mouth, all OK. “Then what?” Rafik asked her like a nutter, feeling helpless and utterly useless.

He tried to give her food, took out her favorite treats, gave her water, and rubbed her belly, but nothing. The crying continued.

There was no other way, only one thing was going to help.

Rafik flipped open his laptop and started googling causes for dog discomfort, and there it was.

“Oh you wanna do your business honey, oh I am so sorry baby, let’s go.”

An hour of walking Cookie in the middle of the night, with no business happening was almost too much for Rafik, she was trying but nothing was happening, the more she tried the more agitated she got. So much so that she lost it completely (So thinks Rafik not me) and started eating grass! He had to pick her up and walk home to keep her away from that thing.

Rafik was pooping bricks by now, as he shut the door behind him and Cookie slid back in her corner under the bed to continue whining, Rafik decided yet again that there was no other way, only one thing was going to help.

Gingerly he dialed Revati’s number.

“Huh Who Hullo?” Revati muttered half asleep.

“Hi Revati” Long pause “Revati I think Cookie is dying” Rafik said with his voice cracking with the strain of the guilt he felt. “I think she is sick, very sick, she has been whining for hours and she looks in pain, she won’t eat, won’t make dodo…”

Revati half chuckled half yelled “You idiot, if she wont make dodo” She paused to laugh properly this time “That is what is wrong with her”

“I know that genius” He didn’t, well not until she said it anyway “ But what do I do, how do I make her make dodo” Rafik was exasperated, mysteries of the doggy world suddenly overwhelmed him.

Revati laughed hysterically for a good few minutes, finally when she sobered up she said “Take her to the park near your place, she’ll get as much fresh grass as she needs. Let her eat that as much as she likes, and in the morning or maybe a few hours later, she will make that dodo” She cracked up again.

“You mean grass grass, or you mean GRASS? Cause I don’t think she needs to go to the park for that, I might have some..” Rafik said excitedly

“You moron keep that shit away from her, what have you been feeding her anyway, is she getting any fiber?” Revati was irritated by now

“Yeah, fiber sure, of course, thanks Revati, you’re the best, Lets catch up, damn it’s late, goodnight” And he hung up before the real lecturing could begin

“She is a nice chick, but she thinks she knows everything, girls!” Cookie growled mildly at Rafik

Rafik sighed he will have to work on his political correctness around this one, but for now, back to park it was.



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